Hands-on Builder
Sustainable solutions for small and medium enterprises.

In collaboration with Modint and Clean&Unique Franklin von Winckelmann will offer his CSR, (corporate social responsibility) expertise to support members and interested parties of “hands-on” in making their supply chain more sustainable.

As a designer and founder of the brand VonWinckelmann, he is familiar with the sustainable development and production of fashion and interior textile related collections.


The two main pillars with which he realizes this consist of are:
-Implementing the “covenant” with local producers.
-Initiating a “pilot collection” where sustainable and commercial opportunities and solutions in the supply chain can be managed.


During the “hands-on” development of a “pilot collection” within the existing supply chain, the consumer travels in the Enterprise of the Circular Economy where the first steps towards the most sustainable supply chain are initiated. This “transparency” will create a fair and convincing picture.


Through this durable approach a larger “exposure” is realized allowing a faster ROI (return oninvestment). Therefore, a win & win situation for all parties involved.

Interested in how we can set this up together?


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