[Noble brand]
VonWinckelmann is a noble brand in every sense of the word: fair trade and/or organic, stemming from classical tradition. Franklin von Winckelmann, the last descendant of the aristocratic Von Winckelmann family, has carried on his noble family name by founding an innovative, unconventional brand of apparel and lifestyle designs: ‘VonWinckelmann’ with respect for environment and people, focuses on developing and producing designs in an honest and fair trade manner.

After ten years in november 2014, VonWinckelmann launched a sustainable collection of interior and hospitality accessories. In addition to the custom made concept of men’s apparel, which can be tailored to the requirements of the buyer.

‘Imperfect Slow Living’ by VonWinckelmann is based on handloom, recycled and non recycled textiles and dyed in an authentic process of organic leaves. Through this unusual finishing process of the product, the colours are delicately faded giving the final product a vintage look that is so familiar in VonWinckelmann’s signature. The production of ‘Imperfect Slow Living’ collections are taken place in Bali, Jawa and Lombok (Indonesia) and only in collaboration with specialized local companies. In this way the exclusive and handcrafted character of the ‘Imperfect Slow Living’ collections can be ensured.

‘Tailored Men’s Apparel’ by VonWinckelmann
Excellence for VonWinckelmann is a synonym for fine details, from fit to the final finish, which is closely related to tailor made manufacturing. The tailored men’s apparel represents the perfect union of deconstructed forms combined with refined and handmade details, creating a smart elegant look. Back to family values for perfection and sophisticated taste are the principles that shape and create the unique designs.

‘Pu(r-)e organic apparel’ by VonWinckelmann
The U.S. organic cotton of this label is Union Control certified. The dyeing process of the fabric takes place in Bali and follows a natural technique. The colours are not resistant to abrasiveness and are sensitive to strong light which creates a slightly washed look. The organic collection consists of a line of tees that richly combines prints with embroideries.

‘Eco design in Paraguay’
In 2007, Dutch Design in Development asked Franklin to work as eco designer for a Paraguyan company. Franklin shared and developed his expertise, from providing the farmers with organic cotton seed to the weaving, knitting, dyeing and refining the fibres, resulting in a complete women’s and men’s apparel collection.

‘Fabric Thoughts in Denmark’
In 2009, VonWinckelmann participated in the exhibition ‘Fabric of Thoughts’, in the Koldinghus Museum in Kolding, Denmark. The exhibition was held as part of the Climate Change Congress of Copenhagen. In this exhibition, VonWinckelmann presented itself among names such as Donna Karan, Burberry, Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren, as one of the brands responding to all the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

VonWinckelmann strives to achieve eco-friendly, sustainable and high quality processes for their products which contain a high proportion of local content, both in terms of processing and ingredients, and shall be acceptable for local and international markets.

VonWinckelmann welcomes you to be part of the world of conscious engagement.
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